Thrift Tip Tuesdays!

This post is written by Cassandra Friesen, an avid thrifter and MCC employee.

Each Tuesday I will post one thrifting tip so that you can thrift to your full potential!

Tip #1: Do not be fooled by name brand items

Although I absolutely love finding designer clothing at thrift stores DO NOT let the name brand fool you. If you do not like the color, fit or style DO NOT buy it just because it is Club Monaco. Just two weeks ago I was almost tempted by this exact situation. I found a beautiful Club Monaco knit sweater that I am sure retailed for over $100. I grabbed it because the colors were great and it was something that suited my style. When I tried it on the arms fit a bit funny, but I told myself….”It’s Club Monaco, I love the color, I love the knit, it has a unique collar, I love everything about it”! In reality, it didn’t fit and I was wearing rose color glasses because of the name brand.

Sometimes name brand clothing is a great find, but remember to ask yourself these following questions….

1. Am I buying this item only because it is (insert brand name here)?

2. Does this article fit me well?

3. Do I actually like this piece of clothing? ( I know this seems silly, but I ask myself this every time I try on a designer item; actually, I ask myself this with every item I try on).

4. Will this item fit in with the rest of my wardrobe? Can I easily mix and match this piece? If not, does this warrant as a great specialty item?

Share your stories about finding a great designer item at a MCC thrift shop and….


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