Thrift Tip Tuesdays!

This post was written by Cassandra Friesen, an avid thrifter and MCC employee

Each Tuesday I will post one thrifting tip so that you can thrift to your full potential!

Tip #3: Ask yourself, “Where can I imagine this in my house”?

Buying furniture and other home decor items at MCC thrift shops is one of my favorite things to do especially when I come across a vintage item. Personally, I have a weakness for chairs. Wood chairs, velvet chairs, claw foot chairs, you name it, I want to buy it!  Unfortunately, this type of attitude could lead to an abundance of mix match chairs that do not actually get displayed properly in your home. So, when buying home decor items I always ask myself a few questions.


1. Where will this realistically go in my home?

2. Will this item physically fit?

3. Does this item fit with the rest of my decor, or is this something I want as a statement piece?

Follow these rules not only for larger furniture items, but also vases, candle holders or other knick-knacks. It will save you from spending unnecessary coin and will ensure that you love your space!

Do you have any thrifting tips? Send them to and your tip could be featured on our blog!


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