Thrift Tip Tuesdays!

Each Tuesday I will post one thrifting tip so that you can thrift to your full potential!


Tip # 5: Don’t buy stuff you don’t need

Thrifting is fun and sometimes it is easy to get carried away. When a shirt is 2 bucks, you think…oh even though it is a little ill fitted, who cares, it’s only $2.00 …..

This is a mistake I have often made in my past. I think, oh the neck line is a bit weird, but if I wear it with a scarf it would be great. Unfortunately, these are the items that usually just clutter up my closet. The same rule should be followed with accessories, furniture, books and more. Remember, even though the items are inexpensive a bunch “unnecessary” $1.00 items can add up quickly (especially if  you thrift once a week). Thrifting is kind to the world and your budget if you know how to buy only what you need.

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