Thrift Tip Tuesday

Thrift Tip Tuesday is back!

Tip#9- Go often

You are more likely to find amazing pieces if you go often. You cannot expect to find the dream item if you only go twice a year (if you do, you are one lucky person)! When looking for something particular it is wise to rotate between shops and thrift once a week.


Before I was on vacation in November I was a regular at a specific thrift shop. I was looking for vintage household items to vamp up our living spaces–blankets, interesting vases, clocks, art, etc. I hadn’t found exactly what I was looking for, but I knew that the hunt would continue when I got back from vacation. While I was away, a friend of mine went to the same thrift shop. And what did she find? AN ORIGINAL HUDSON BAY MULTI-STRIPE POINT BLANKET! This blanket is valued at $495 when bought new. To this day, it haunts me that she found that on my “week off”. I guess Costa Rica wasn’t that bad either though…….right?!

This post is written by Cassandra Friesen, an avid thrifter and MCC employee.


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