Thrift Tip Tuesday

Thrift Tip #10- Dress Comfortably

This tip is inspired by “The Chic Site” blog. She suggests to dress comfortable and featured this picture of converse shoes. Comfortable shoes are really important when thrifting because, as she says, “there’s nothing worse than having sore feet and having to call it quits early”. On top of “The Chic Site’s tips I would suggest wearing leggings and a long shirt dress or a long tank top (for the ladies). This will allow for quick changing, and a basic silhouette for many outfit and accessory options.  For men, I would suggest wearing a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt so you can see how shirts will look with your normal attire and to not have to deal with buttons as  you are in the change room. Being comfortable not only allows for a long day of shopping but will also allow you to carry that vintage trunk you find to the register.


This post is written by Cassandra Friesen, an avid thrifter and MCC employee.

Each Tuesday I will post one thrifting tip so that you can thrift to your full potential!


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