Happy Earth Day- 5 reasons why thrifting is good for the earth

Happy Earth Day!

Take a moment to breath in the fresh air and be thankful for what the earth has given us.


Since it is Earth Day it seems appropriate to highlight why thrifting is SO good for the earth. Here are our top five reasons (of course there are many more) on why buying second hand is great for the environment!

1. Reduces your carbon footprint: Shopping at MCC thrift shops reduces the amount of new clothing that needs to be shipped across the world. Next time you donate to a MCC thrift shop consider using your bike to decrease your carbon footprint even more!

2. Reduces your water footprint: According to gracelinks.org it takes up to 20,000 litre of water to produce one kilo of cotton. Water is also used in the manufacturing, packaging and transportion processes. On average, a cotton T-shirt requires 2,500 litres of water to produce and a pair of jeans takes over 10,000 litres.

3. Uses less energy: Mass amounts of energy are used on both the production and disposal end of your clothing purchases. Purchasing second hand reduces energy consumption on both ends by decreasing the demand for new items.

4. Uses fewer chemicals: By reducing the need for new cotton, less pesticides are needed in cotton plants

5. Keeps packaging out of landfills: New items are often shipped in boxes, wrapped in bags, with plastic bags to hold extra buttons, and include new hangers and tags. MCC thrift stores re-use hangers and plastic bags to keep the environment number one! Bring your own fabric bag when you shop, and drop off donations in a recyclable materials!

Remember, taking care of the Earth is more than a one day event.

What  are you doing to take care of the earth today, tomorrow, and for many generations?


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